Music Therapy – Therapy vs. Lessons

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You may want to try music therapy if:

  • The individual is already receiving treatment from other kinds of therapists but seems especially responsive to music.
  • The individual appears bored or unengaged during more traditional therapies.
  • The individual does not yet have the verbal, social, behavioral or cognitive skills needed for music lessons.
  • The individual is an infant, toddler or preschooler and has not yet been formally diagnosed, but you are interested in stimulating development through music.
  • You want to explore creative but research-based, effective treatment for an individual or individuals.


You may want to try adaptive lessons if:

  • The individual is interested in learning an instrument and has tried traditional lessons but did not have a good experience.
  • The individual responds to a specific instrument and has the verbal, social, cognitive and behavioral skills required for participation in adaptive lessons. (Our music therapist can help to determine if the individual has the needed skills.)
  • The individual is an older adult who loves a certain musical instrument but struggles due to a loss of skills and abilities.
  • The individual is a typically functioning adult or child who struggles with traditional learning methods.
  • The individual has a musical background but has experienced an injury that requires skills to be relearned.