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Summer 2016 Catalog and Summer 2016 Registration Form are now available. To sign up, you can register online using Firefox or Internet Explorer, stop by 415 Elmwood, contact or call 884-4887 for a registration packet. Summer 2016 Catalog Register Now by ACTIVE Network

Congratulations Marcy Winners


Learn More About Community Music School

If you’ve always wanted to learn to make music, see what Community Music School and our world class instructors have to offer.

Thank You to our Sponsors

Thank You so much to all of the sponsors of our all: for music | music for a:ll Gala!

Introducing Annie Titus

Please allow us to introduce you to Annie Titus. Annie was diagnosed with autism at a young age, and like many autistic children, struggles with communication.  In fact, her parents were told when she was barely 5 that she would probably never speak.  In an effort to expand Annie’s social interactions, her parents enrolled her in voice lessons at Community Music School of Buffalo,

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An Open Letter From Our Executive Director

TV spot

This amazing 30-second spot ran on local channels in 2013. Special thanks to our friends at Gelia, Souter Productions, Crosswater Digital Media and dPost for their generous help!  

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